Frequently Asked Questions


Luminate+ is a new video streaming platform committed to giving professionals an invaluable career development tool and a rare opportunity to learn from the leaders who are reshaping the future of legal. Luminate+ also serves as a CLE platform for attorneys to satisfy their CLE requirements (more info on CLE below).

We bring forth perspectives and insights from some of the most respected leaders and experts in the legal profession. Top general counsel, business executives, law firm leaders and top consultants and academics are among those who power the Luminate+ conversations. You can review our speaker roster at

Luminate+ is the only content offering that is centered around the voice of the client. We offer a rare and coveted first-hand look at the issues, challenges and priorities that general counsel, business executives and other industry leaders are focused on. Whether you're an in-house attorney on your way to becoming the next great legal executive, or outside counsel advising those legal executives, the opportunity to hear directly from the client is an invaluable career development opportunity.

What further sets us apart from the pack is our technology and the production value of our content. Like Netflix or Disney+, we’ve designed a streaming experience built around easy and satisfying consumption of premium content. Users can identify their favorite series, watch short episodes on their phone or computer and pick up where they left off while commuting to work, in the office or on the road.

Luminate+ is a video streaming platform similar to Netflix or Disney+. Like many streaming platforms, we produce original video series organized into episodes that are intended for ongoing consumption. Each Luminate+ series centers around a cutting edge legal theme and is hosted by a renowned thought leader who invites leading experts, practitioners and business leaders to engage in conversations on a particular topic. You can review all of the Luminate+ series at

If you want to get a glimpse of the content of a particular series, watch the Preview video, which is the first episode that appears in the listing of each series.

Our mobile app is in development and will be launched in early 2023. Stay tuned!

Absolutely. Please head to your Account >> Help and complete the form. You can also email us Someone will be in touch within 1-2 business days.


We don’t believe professionals should have to pay high fees for content simply because it is “professional development” content or offers “CLE credit.” Instead, we think the cost should be in line with that of any other streaming service you might subscribe to. Individual plans to Luminate+ are available for as low as $12/month. You can learn more about our different plans at

Yes. We have an enterprise plan for law firms and legal departments that offer volume-based pricing. Please email to speak with a sales rep about our enterprise plans. Law firms can learn more about the benefits of Luminate+ at Legal departments can learn more about the benefits of Luminate+ at

Yes, the Free plan is a great way to get started with Luminate+ and familiarize yourself with the content and platform before making any kind of financial investment. The limitations of the Free plan are (1) only about half of our content is available to Free users and (2) CLE credit is not available under the Free plan; however, once you sign up for a paid plan you will be able to retroactively obtain credit/certificates for all programs watched on the Free plan.

You can sign up for the Free plan at

No. Once you have purchased a subscription, there is a one-year commitment during which you cannot cancel your subscription. If you do not wish for your subscription to renew at the end of the one-year term, be sure to turn off the Auto-Renew feature in your Account >> Plan & Billing.

Excellent. Please ask your company for the Enterprise Code (a 5-7 character code) and sign up for a new Luminate+ plan at Select the option for Enterprise Employee and add the Enterprise Code. You'll then need to create a profile using your company issued email address.

Yes. We are pleased to offer Luminate+ for free or at a discount (depending on the situation) to pro bono attorneys/volunteers, law professors and law students; retired attorneys; independent/freelance paralegals; unemployed attorneys; and anyone with financial hardships. Please contact to inquire further.

Manage Account

You can add or update your state bar information in your Account >> Bar State & Number. Be sure to add all relevant bar states that you are licensed in. You can add as many bar states as you wish. At the conclusion of a program, after you click through the prompts to obtain your CLE certificate of attendance, you will be able to download a separate certificate for each state that you have added to your Account.

Your company account should be accessible for at least a few weeks following your departure. Be sure to download all of your CLE certificates and save them to your records as soon as possible. You will need to subscribe for a new Individual Plan using your personal email. Unfortunately, we cannot upload your certificates from your company account to this new account so please retain them for your records.

Yes, you can join your company’s plan by signing up as a new user and selecting the Enterprise plan option. Unfortunately, we do not issue any refunds for the period remaining on your individual plan. We are also unable to transfer any CLE certificates from your individual account to your company account so be sure to download all of the CLE certificates in your Individual account and retain them for your records.


Absolutely! All of our programs are approved for CLE credit in most U.S. jurisdictions. Please visit for a complete set of FAQs on CLE-related information.

Yes. Each user’s Account is equipped with both a Watchlist (to track what you’ve watched, tag favorites and resume unfinished episodes) as well as a CLE Tracker (to maintain CLE certificates and generate reports of how many credits you have completed on the platform).