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Episode 3

AI as an Innovative Tool for Winning the War for Lawyer Talent

60 MINUTES| (4.4)


Given the ever-growing war for talent in the legal industry, AI presents exciting possibilities and opportunities for employers who are looking for a competitive advantage. AI has the potential to not only help employers predict which employees are most likely to succeed in an organization, but can broaden the pool of potentially high performing candidates. The implications of these tools could have a significant impact on the equity and inclusion of hiring practices and as a result drive more diverse teams. However, AI technology is still incredibly nascent in the legal talent space, in part due to the lack of clean, inclusive data to feed the machine learning algorithms that good AI depends on. In this episode of Institutionalizing Inclusion, Caren Ulrich Stacy sits down with two leading AI experts (and attorneys) -- Sang Lee, CEO & Co-Founder Thine and Daniel Linna, Director of Law and Technology Initiatives & Senior Lecturer at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law – to discuss the application of AI in legal hiring practices.


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Episode 3 | 60 Minutes

AI as an Innovative Tool for Winning the War for Lawyer Talent

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